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Bronze Package 15 MP3sValue $299 Reg Price $97
Silver Package 15 Transcripts & MP3s Value $349 Reg Price $127
Gold Package 15 CDs, Transcripts & MP3s Value $399 Reg Price $197
* When you purchase you get instant 24/7 access to the MP3′s and Transcripts posted within 24 hours of each interview. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery, from the date of the last speaker’s interview, for the physical CDs. If you have any problems please contact


“I understand that if I’m not thoroughly convinced that this product is the smartest personal development investment I’ve ever made I can return my package for a full refund with no further obligations or commitments on my part.”

Bronze Package

Downloadable MP3s This package delivers MP3s for each of our 15 speakers, which you can download to your computer usually within 24 hours after each call. These files will give you hours of listening pleasure on your computer or you can take them with you and listen on your iPod. You can also burn these to a CD and listen in your car on the way to work. If you were to purchase an hour session from any one of these speakers it would be in the hundreds of dollars, then multiply that by 15 SPEAKERS, and you can easily see the tremendous value of this package…

This package is valued at $299, Our regular price $97

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Silver Package

Downloadable MP3s and Downloadable Transcripts Not only can you download and listen to these MP3s over and over again on your iPod computer or burn them to CDs, but… You will also receive downloadable full transcripts of each of the presentations. Now you can search for specific keywords easily find exercises and content that you would like to experience again.

This package is valued at $349, Our regular price $127

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Gold Package

Downloadable MP3s, Downloadable Transcripts, and Full Set Of Interviews On CD-ROM…. With this Gold, “you get it all” Upgrade package, you will receive the Full CD Recordings of the entire series, PLUS downloadable versions (if you want them) AND a full set of downloadable transcripts. You will receive the CD set at the end of the series in the mean time we have set up a special site where you can listen to the online recording at your leisure while you are waiting for your CDs to arrive. The CDs offer the best opportunity to easily listen while you are on the go. You can listen in your car, using that car travel time for self-improvement by repeatedly immersing yourself in this valuable information.

This package is valued at $399, Our regular price $197.

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